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What A Reddit AMA Taught Us About The Man Who Hopes To Take Paul Ryan's Job

Rob Zerban is the Wisconsin Democrat who is challenging prominent Republican Paul Ryan for his Congressional seat in 2012. Last night he participated in an "Ask Me Anything" thread on Reddit, that has brought in thousands of dollars in donations for the campaign. Here's what we learned.

1. He Does Not Believe Corporations Are People

2. He's Supported By These PACs

3. He Wouldn't Have Voted For The NDAA

4. He's For Redistricting And Term Limits

5. He Supports The Recall Of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker And His Lieutenant Governor

6. He Supports The Development Of High Speed Rail Transit

7. He Is Not A Fan Of Ayn Rand

8. He Does Not Support SOPA

9. He's Allergic To Cats

10. He Supported President Obama's Handling Of Libya

11. He Supports Increasing Taxes On The Wealthy

12. He's For The Expansion Of Medicare

13. He's For A Public Option In Health Care

14. He Believes Waterboarding Is Torture

15. He Supports The Withdrawal From Afghanistan And Iraq

16. He's For The Decriminalization Of Marijuana

17. He Supports Gay Rights

18. He Believes In An Absolute Separation Of Church And State

19. He's Pro-Choice

20. He Prefers Beer To Liquor

21. He's A Trained Chef And Former Small Business Owner

According to his campaign he sold his catering company in 2008.

22. He Believes In Protecting The Rights Of Gun Owners

23. He Has Two Dogs

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