Tim Tebow Cancels Speech At Gay-Hating Church

A Tebowcoaster of Temotions.

1. Last week, it was announced that Tim Tebow was set to speak at a giant mega-church in Dallas. That made Tim pretty happy.

Steve Marcus / Reuters

2. But then the Internet started talking about how the pastor of that church, Robert Jeffress, is homophobic.

3. And compared Barack Obama to the antichrist.

4. The Internet, as embodied by this young, attractive woman, got very angry.


5. Which made Tebow get introspective.

Bill Kostroun / AP

6. And then sad.

Elaine Thompson, File / AP

Note: It’s amazing how many sad Tim Tebow pictures are on the wire. Thanks, Jets!

7. So Tebow decided to take to Twitter to speak on the issue.

11. I think Tim Tebow's happy again.

Jonathan Bachman / Reuters

Note: Seriously the happiest photos of Tebow on the wire are of him at non-Jets events. It’s glorious.

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