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This Idiot Got "ESPN" Tattooed On His Face

Because when he looks in the mirror he wants to be reminded of that place that will never hire him.

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According to Black Sports Online, he wanted to be on SportsCenter, so he permanently defaced his... well... face. I don't know if that's true — any fan of SportsCenter is well aware that they've long since done away with the "Fans With Face Tattoos Of Our Network" segment — but I'm sure, whatever his reasoning, he'll never regret this.

Things We Know About This Guy Based On This Photo

• He doesn't mind ESPN's coastal biases or total disregard for hockey.

• He is a fan of money.

• He is either a fan of Kenyon Martin or Kenyon Martin's tattoo artist.

• Alternatively that might not be a tattoo, he might have just forgotten to wipe his girlfriend's lipstick off his neck, because he's just too busy kicking ass.

• He is obviously a huge JR Smith or JK Simmons fan, because there's obviously no other reason to have those letters tattooed on you.

• He should save some money and buy some Proactiv instead of getting more tattoos. Though I suppose that acne on his cheek, could just be a tattoo of acne. In which case, never mind.

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