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This Baby's First Two Baseball Games Were Perfect Games

Has anyone considered that this might just be a magic baby?

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Meet Bode Dockal. He's probably magic. Like a wizard or something. He's now just over one-year-old and he's attended two major league baseball games. Both were perfect games.

There have been a total of 23 perfect games in the history of major league baseball. Each team plays 162 games every year. There are 30 teams. Major League baseball is over 100 years old. The math gets confusing due to league expansion and length of schedule change, but we can jump to the bottom of the page here. There have been 23 perfect games out of 201,870 total games, AND TWO OF THEM HAPPENED THE FIRST TWO TIMES THIS BABY WAS IN THE STANDS. Put it another way. This baby is a goddamn wizard who is making perfect games happen and if my Cleveland Indians don't give him season tickets for life and I mean tomorrow, I'll hate them forever.

After Paul Dockal (Bode's dad) took his son to the White Sox/Mariners game on April 21st, he couldn't believe his luck. After all, Dockal is a life long White Sox fan, and that was the day that Sox starter Phil Humber shocked the world by going from a no-name pitcher to one of 22 men to have ever have a perfect afternoon on the baseball diamond. For that to happen at his son's first game ever must have felt like insane luck (and a good omen for the future of the Sox). Of course at that point, Dockal didn't know that his son was magic. He just thought it was good luck.

Fast forward to last week. Paul's brother Pete and Pete's girlfriend Rosa were in town and they wanted to catch a game at Safeco Field. Seeing as there was a Wednesday afternoon game (which meant Bode could be in bed at a normal hour) and that Mariners ace Felix Hernandez was pitching, it seemed like a no brainer. Bode would get to see his second major league game.

And then King Felix threw a perfect game, and everyone looked at Bode and their brains exploded, because how the fuck is that even possible?

No word on when Bode will see his third game, but if the Dockal's let the world know before going, you should buy tickets. Don't doubt the power of a magic baby, because who knows, he probably has other, eviler powers. I don't know. I'm not well-versed in magic babies.