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20 Things Amanda Knox Missed While She Was In Prison

Now that she's free, let's look at some of the things Amanda Knox missed while she was in prison.

1. The Election Of Barack Obama

2. Avatar

3. The Final Episode Of Lost

4. Michael Phelps Wins 8 Gold Medals

5. The Decision

6. The Tea Party Movement

7. Swine Flu

8. The Death Of Michael Jackson

9. The Seattle SuperSonics Move To Oklahoma

10. The Earthquake In Haiti

11. The BP Oil Spill

12. Beyoncé's "Single Ladies"

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13. Imma Let You Finish

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14. The Death Of Osama Bin Laden

15. The New York Giants Upset The New England Patriots In Super Bowl XLII

16. Jersey Shore

17. Arab Spring

18. Dozens Of Angry Facebook Changes

19. Twitter

20. Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star