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The Yankees Are Changing Their Uniforms For The First Time Since 1918 To Honor Fenway Park

The Bronx Bombers are breaking tradition, and they're doing it to honor their biggest rivals.

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The New York Yankees' road uniforms have gone nearly unchanged since 1918. That streak will end this coming Friday when the Bronx Bombers will wear the above throwback jerseys to help honor the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park (The Sox will also wear throwbacks that have yet to be revealed). The jerseys are reminiscent of those worn by the team in 1912 when they were still the New York Highlanders.

I have to give the Yankees a lot of credit, but this story makes me miss George Steinbrenner so much. He would never let this happen. If John Henry or Larry Lucchino had called him to propose this, he would have farted into the phone repeatedly until they hung up. Then he would have called them back, apologized for what must have been a bad connection, only to immediately start farting again while yelling "THIS ISN'T A BAD CONNECTION, I'M FARTING AT YOU." Or he would have agreed to it, only to have the Yankees show up in their normal uniforms on the day of the game, as if to say, "Oh were we supposed to do something? Fuck you."

I'm just kidding, George wouldn't have done any of that. He would have had his assistant fart into the phone.

But yeah, classy move, Yanks.

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