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    May 25, 2012

    The Worst Sports-Related Tattoos

    These exist. And that's sad. [Be warned some are offensive.]

    1. Ohio State's Mascot Raping Michigan's Mascot

    (via Deadspin)

    Why: I'd like to think that rape (even by mascots) is something we can all agree is terrible, regardless of which team you root for.

    2. A Penis Wearing A Giants Helmet

    (via Barstool Sports)

    Why: This one was the result of a lost bet, and as such was designed to be as terrible as possible. I have to imagine this is going to make dating difficult for the dummyyoung gentleman who wears it.

    3. Broncos "Tebow Time"

    (via Deadspin)

    Why: Another lost bet, this one wouldn't be so high on the list if it weren't for the fact that Tebow would be out of Denver less than a year later.

    4. Texas Rangers 2011 World Series Champions

    (via Big League Stew)

    Why: Because this cocky douche got the tattoo before last year's playoffs were over, and though the Rangers did appear in the World Series, they lost. I thank God every day that I don't have a Cleveland Indians 1997 World Series Champs tattoo.

    5. Clemson University Misspelled

    (via College Humor)

    Why: That's not how your school spells its name.

    6. Giant, Blue John Elway Face

    (via The Denver Post)

    Why: It's a giant blue portrait of John Elway's face on his thigh? Do you want to get in the shower every day and see John Elway's face? I don't.

    7. Bills Receiver Stevie Johnson's Face

    (Via @StevieJohnson13)

    Why: Stevie Johnson is a good receiver, but he's only had two good years. You know who else had two good years? Braylon Edwards. Want his face on your arm?

    8. Chicago Bears On The Brain

    (AP Photos)

    Why: Don't get things tattooed on the back of your head. Just don't. Also weird, tattooed signatures.

    9. David Beckham On Her Lower Back

    (Getty Images)

    Why: Lower back tattoos aren't always the best ideas, period. Lower back tattoos that say a man's name? Even less so. Lower back tattoos that say a man's name whom you've never met? Worse still.

    10. Insanely Large Bear Bryant

    (Via Sports Illustrated)

    Why: Bear Bryant's "I'm just chilling here against the goalpost" pose is hilarious. Also great, this tattoo's owner is wearing a matching Bear Bryant hat.

    11. The Championship Belt

    (via Black Sports Online)

    Why: You are the champion of nothing.