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The Pistons And Sixers Are So Unwatchable You Can Buy Tickets To Their Game For 95 Cents

There's bad and then there's Charlie Villanueva vs. Lavoy Allen.

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How bad has the NBA gotten for Detroit and Philadelphia? Check out these tickets available for tomorrow night's game.

95 cents! Here are 13 things that are more expensive than a ticket to tomorrow night's Pistons/Sixers game:

• A small frosty from Wendy's.

• 8 minutes of a car vacuum at your local self-service car wash.

• A pack of Doublemint gum.

• An episode of Real Housewives from iTunes.

• A Snickers bar.

• A 16 oz. bottle of Coke.

• A single subway ride in New York.*

• A game of Big Buck Hunter at your local bar.

• The cheapest lottery ticket at your local bodega.

• A loose cigarette.

• About four ounces of Bud Light at a bar in New York.

• Any of the food available at the Pistons/Sixers game.

• The service fee on your ticket to the Pistons/Sixers game.

*For the cost of going to and from work in New York you could take FOUR people to Pistons/Sixers tomorrow night.

How do the Pistons feel about this?

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How about Andrew Bynum and the Sixers?

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Bynum better hurry back soon. Philadelphia's economy depends on it.

The best things at three price points