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    The Oakland Athletics Refuse To Die

    Detroit looked like they were about to close out the A's in Oakland tonight. Looks can be deceiving.

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    Lest you think that the Yankees were the only ones who knew how to break out a late inning rally, the Athletics of Oakland would like to remind you that they know a thing or two about Hollywood endings (okay, spoiler alert: Moneyball could have ended better for the A's, but let's not split hairs). Trailing the Tigers 3-1 in the bottom of the ninth (not to mention trailing them by $76,927,500 in payroll) and facing elimination should they lose, Seth Smith came up to bat with two men on.

    And then with two men out, and one man on, the immortal Coco Crisp (greatest name in baseball history) came to bat...

    I think it's physically impossible not to love this A's team. All I want is for Brad PittBilly Beane to finally get that World Series ring. Tonight they got one step closer to that goal and kept the hopes of all small market fans who are living vicariously through the Athletics alive.

    Coco and the A's will live to fight another day. The deciding game in the series will be played tonight in Oakland.

    Robert Galbraith / Reuters

    Coco looks ready.