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The NFL's Saddest Team, In GIFs

Things are bad in Cleveland. They are very, very bad.

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Mark Duncan / AP

The Cleveland Browns are 1-5. This weekend they lost to a very mediocre Colts team, and even though they kept the game close, no Browns fan on the planet ever felt like their team was going to actually pull it out. Why? Because they're the fucking Cleveland Browns.

Since the team's return to Cleveland in 1999, their best head coach BY FAR was Butch Davis, who had a lowly .414 winning percentage. To put that number in context, in the 49 years the Browns were in Cleveland before moving to Baltimore at the end of 1995, the worst winning percentage a full-time coach ever had was .439. That's right. The coach with the worst winning percentage in the history of the old Browns was better than the coach with the best winning percentage in the history of the new Browns. This is all to say, there is nothing sadder than rooting for that team from Cleveland. I know, I do it every Sunday. Here's some proof from Sunday's game.