The 2011 National Geographic Photo Contest Winners

The famed magazine announced their annual photo contest’s winners today. The hopefuls were split into three categories. Here are the photos that stood out above the rest.

1. People Category

Honorable Mention

“Auburn Pride”
Location: Sydney, Australia
(© George Voulgaropoulos)

Honorable Mention

“Zombies, Brisbane”
Location: Brisbane, Australia
(© Lisa Clarke)

Honorable Mention

“From Up Here”
Location: Manhattan, NY, USA
(© Helen Pearson)

People Winner

“The Fjellman Family”
Location: Arjeplog, Lapland, Sweden
(© Izabelle Nordfjell)

5. Places Category

Honorable Mention

“Sulfuric Fire Festival”
Location: Taipei
(© Hung-Hsiu Shih)

Honorable Mention

“Cyber Monsoon”
Location: Bhaktapur, Nepal
(© Anuar Patjane)

Honorable Mention

“Flying Kites”
Location: Santa Marta, Rio de Janeiro
(© Felipe Carvalho)

Honorable Mention

“Waterway to Orbit”
Location: Ponte Vedra, Florida
(© James Vernacotola)

Places Winner

“Into the Green Zone”
Location: Onuk island, Balabac Palawan, Philippines
(© George Tapan)

10. Nature Category

Honorable Mention

“Blue Pond & First Snow”
Location: Biei, Hokkaido, Japan
(© Kent Shiraishi)

Honorable Mention

“The Hunt”
Location: Kenya, Masai Mara National Reserve
(© Stefano Pesarelli)

Honorable Mention

“Panic in the Pan”
Location: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
(© Marius Coetzee)

Honorable Mention

“Sunrising Jellyfish”
Location: Mar Menor coastal lagoon, Murcia province, Spain
(© Angel Fitor)

Nature Winner
Grand Prize Winner

Location: Batam, Riau Islands, Indonesia
(© Shikhei Goh) / Via

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