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    The Museum Of Sex Gave Tim Tebow A Lifetime Membership

    Because he's allegedly never had sex! Get it? Get it?

    Now that Tim Tebow seems destined to line up for about eight plays a game, the former football savior, and noted virgin, has to find something to fill the hours. Well thanks to the fine people at New York's Museum of Sex, he has at least one option for his non-Rex Ryan owed time. The museum has given him a lifetime membership to their series of sexy exhibits. I don't know what I love more: The idea that the Museum Of Sex thinks it will still exist in 60 years (make that 40 — Tim is an NFL player after all), or the image of an elderly Tim Tebow finally giving into the temptation and seeing the dildo bike (link NSFW) in person.

    The museum sent the following letter to the Jets training facility, which I'm sure was met with many hearty laughs from Rex Ryan who is probably on the museum's board.