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The Most Powerful Moments From The London Olympics

These are the moments from the 2012 Olympics that you'll still be hearing about at the 2064 Olympics.

1. Shin A Lam Refuses To Leave The Piste

2. Liu Xiang Fights Through His Hurt Achilles, Hops To The Finish Line

3. Oscar Pistorius Becomes The First Double Amputee To Sprint In The Olympics

4. Andy Murray Gets Wimbledon Redemption

5. Manteo Mitchell Breaks His Fibula In Relay, Finishes His Leg Of The Race

6. Tom Daley's Bronze Medal For Dad

7. Kayla Harrison Becomes The First American To Win Gold In Judo, Climbs Into The Stands To Embrace Her Fianceé

8. Saudi Arabia Sends Its First-Ever Female Olympians

9. Michael Phelps' Final Medal Ceremony

10. South Korea Beats North Korea In Table Tennis, They Shake Hands

11. A Legally Blind Archer Breaks A World Record

12. US Wrestler Defeats An Iranian Opponent To Win Gold, Tweets This Photo

13. Usain Bolt Becomes The First Man To Ever Win Back To Back Gold Medals In The 100m And 200m.

14. Gabby Douglas Becomes The First Black Woman To Win An All-Around Gymnastics Gold

15. Serbian Olympian Marko Novakovic's Arms