The Most Painful Play Of The Baseball Season In Rubbable GIFs

Last night umpire Greg Gibson proved that being a Major League Umpire is a dangerous job.

1. This is Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim (worst team name ever) first baseman Kendrys Morales.

Last night, he was up with one man on in the bottom of the 5th inning against the Cleveland Indians.

2. This is Torii Hunter. He was on first base when Morales came up.

3. Morales hit a Roberto ("Don't Call Me Fausto Carmona anymore") Hernandez pitch into right field.

4. And as the play began, Greg Gibson took off his mask (as is protocol to allow umpire's a better view of the field). He would come to regret this.

5. Cleveland right fielder Shin Soo Choo fielded the ball and threw it into second base.

6. But no one was covering second base, so Torii Hunter was able to run home. This set up a play at the plate.

7. Then disaster struck for Greg Gibson.

8. From another angle.

9. Morales didn't know how to react. Was Hunter safe? Was the umpire hurt? Too many questions!

Hunter was called out on the play.

10. But don't worry! Though Gibson left the game, he seemed to be doing okay!

11. Or just watch the video:

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