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The Most Misleading URLs Online

These links will take you somewhere, but not where you thought you were going. All links SFW unless otherwise noted.

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If the number one thing that you wanted to see online was attractive photos of plus-sized girls you might try typing this one in. But you would be disappointed. Unless the number two thing you wanted to see was strawberry-scented body wash. (NSFW)


What should be a superstore for everything your lady or gentleman of the evening might want for that special occasion is actually a way to figure out which agents represent which celebrities., I'm disappointed.

This one's a classic, but how can you not love it? A land of nothing but penises? Who isn't interested in that? An island of nothing but pens? No thank you fine sir. I must continue my quest for PenisLand.


You would think that in the tawdry world of the Internet, sausage fest would be a tongue-in-cheek (or something-in-cheek) gay porn website. But you would be wrong. It's nothing short of "THE SAUSAGE PORTAL FOR THE FREE WORLD." Of course if you were looking for the sausage portal to the oppressed world, i'm sure they have a North Korean sister-site.

I'm sure there are many more great ones, so add them in the comments!