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The Most Homoerotic Olympic Fencing Dispute Ever

It's pretty hard not to laugh at this one.

During yesterday's men's bronze medal foil fencing match, Byungchui Choi of South Korea faced off against Andrea Baldini of Italy. Early in the match Choi felt that a touch Baldini scored was not legal, but rather had hit him in the butt.

The suits have sensors on them to help the judge determine if a hit was legal. Note the green light that goes off behind Baldini (on the right) when he touches Choi. That means that a legal censor was triggered in Choi's suit.

Choi felt that Baldini had gotten him in the butt so they test his suit to make sure the butt isn't triggering green.

Choi was pretty insistent about repeatedly doing this.

If you look closely, you'll notice that when Choi does it, the sensor lights, but it doesn't light green. Baldini had landed a legal touch. Choi was wrong, but at least he gave us these great GIFs. Also, Choi ended up winning the match and the bronze, so he got over it.

Video of the incident: