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Jul 11, 2011

The Most Embarrassing Musicians Of Last Month

Each month releases a list of the Top 50 most deleted songs from users' "scrobbles" (that term is never not going to be ridiculous). We've crunched the numbers by artist so we can see once and for all who is the weakest link. People still say that right? Right?

5. Adele and Taylor Swift - 1 Song Each

Adele and T-Swizzle both checked in with only one song on the list. I can understand "Love Story" being deleted, but why are people embarrassed about "Rolling in the Deep"? It's a decent song. Or is it not? No? Hold on I have to edit my page.

Offending Songs:

"Rolling in the Deep"

Taylor Swift:

"Love Story"

4. Rihanna and Ke$ha - 3 Songs Each

This is the first time I've felt bad for Rihanna that's had nothing to do with Chris Brown. I'm not a fan of hers but can't we all agree that she's not nearly as bad as Ke$ha? Certainly not as embarrassing. After all Rihanna's never claimed to like guys who look like Mick Jagger (although maybe they would have been nicer to her).

Offending Songs:

"Only Girl (In the World)"

"Rude Boy"

"Tik Tok"
"Your Love is My Drug"
"Take It Off"

3. Britney Spears and Paramore - 4 Songs Each

Britney Spears has been embarrassing music lovers since Hayley Williams and her Paramore bandmates were in grade school. She's like the Kevin Garnett of embarrassment (a wily and maligned veteran who somehow still has something left in the tank). Also, not for nothing, but I bet Brit would call Charlie Villanueva a cancer patient if she ever got the chance. She seems mean like that.

Offending Songs:

Britney Spears:
"Till the World Ends"

"Hold it Against Me"

"Misery Business"
"The Only Exception"

2. Katy Perry - 5 Songs

I'm shocked (Shocked!) to discover that people are ashamed to listen to a woman who has a music video where fireworks shoot out of her breasts. I don't know if I want to live in a world where you can't be proud to like that.

Offending Songs:

Katy Perry:

"Teenage Dream"
"I Kissed a Girl"
"Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)"

1. Lady Gaga - 29 Songs

Twenty-nine! Ms. Germanotta laps her closest competitor almost six times. If Britney is the Kevin Garnett of embarrassing people, then surely Lady Gaga is the Kobe Bryant. Her dominance is awe-inspiring, but it does raise a question. Is this a bad thing? Sure people seem ashamed to have her in their libraries, but unlike some of the other people on this list it seems like people have her entire discography. Sure they want to hide that fact, but they have it. This same phenomenon can help us understand why Two and a Half Men is the highest rated sitcom on TV, despite the fact that you'll never meet anyone who watches it. So congratulations, Lady Gaga. Kinda.

Offending Songs:

Lady Gaga:
"Bad Romance"

"Poker Face"
"Born This Way"

"Dance in the Dark"
"Just Dance"
"The Edge of Glory"

"So Happy I Could Die"
"The Fame"
"Money Honey"
"Marry the Night"

"Boys Boys Boys"
"I Like it Rough"
"Bloody Mary"

"Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)"
"Government Hooker"
"Bad Kids"
"Beautiful Dirty Rich"

"Brown Eyes"