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The Most Embarrassing Moments Of The NFL's Third Week

There are highlights, and then there are these moments.

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1. A replacement ref tripped the Cowboys' Kevin Ogletree by throwing his hat at the receiver's feet:

Refs typically throw their hats onto the field (never this far on, but on) to indicate that a receiver stepped out of bounds and is therefore ineligible. A review of the video shows that Ogletree never stepped out.

Watch the video:


7. The replacement refs gave San Francisco extra timeouts and challenges:

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9. The Bears And Rams briefly looked like two pee-wee teams:

After a review the Rams were awarded the ball. Cortland Finnegan was down by contact before he fumbled.

10. The Lions decided to go for it on fourth down instead of kicking the game-tying field goal. They were unsuccessful:

Final Score: Titans 44 - Lions 41

What's even worse is that Detroit coach Jim Schwartz says that the team didn't intend to go for it. They were only trying to make Tennessee jump offsides. Unfortunately the ball got snapped. Oops.