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The Most Controversial Play The NFL Has Seen In Years

Tonight's Monday Night Football game is going to go down in history, but not for a good reason.

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Tonight, as time expired, Seattle's Russell Wilson threw a Hail Mary pass to the endzone. And then things got weird.

Then Seattle's Golden Tate clearly shoves Green Bay's Sam Shields.

This is BLATANT offensive pass interference and would end the game in a Packers win regardless of who would eventually come down with Russell Wilson's pass.


The replacement refs were so confused that one of them (left) signaled that it was an interception, while the other (right) called it a touchdown. They'd eventually decide that the call "on the field" was touchdown.


The ruling on the field was upheld.

Russell Wilson even had a bit of a "I can't believe we're getting away with this" smirk in a sideline interview.

The Packers immediately began to leave the field. For the game to end the Seahawks still had to run an extra point play, but it wasn't clear that the replacement refs were going to require that. They seemed ready to just end the game.