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The Michael Phelps Medal Timeline

He's the best of all time, so this may take a while.

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Sydney: 2000 Olympics

A 15-year old Phelps made his Olympic debut swimming the butterfly, but did not medal.

Athens: 2004 Olympics


8. 4x100m Medley: Gold

Jeff J Mitchell UK / Reuters

Phelps did not swim in the final, instead opting to give up his spot to Ian Crocker. But since he swam in the heats, he got a medal.

Athens Totals:

• 6 Gold Medals

• 2 Bronze Medals

• 1 World Record

• 3 Olympic Records

Beijing: 2008 Olympics


Beijing Totals:

• 8 Gold Medals

• 7 World Records

• 1 Olympic Record

London: 2012 Olympics


London Totals:

• 4 Gold Medals

• 2 Silver Medals

Overall Totals:

•18 Gold Medals (The most gold medals by a single Olympian ever. DOUBLE the number held by the Olympians in second place.)

• 2 Silver Medals

• 2 Bronze Medals

• 22 Total Medals

• 8 World Record

• 4 Olympic Records


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