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"The Little Giants": Where Are They Now?

See what the best damn pee wee football team from Urbania, Ohio is up to now.

Becky "Icebox" O'Shea — Shawna Waldron

After kicking ass in Little Giants, Icebox grew up. Like, really grew up. Like, had a major role in the just-this-side-of-porn Poison Ivy: The Secret Society. But unlike many of her co-stars, Waldron has worked pretty consistently over the 18 years since Little Giants came out. Becky O'Shea's doing well.

Rashid "Hot Hands" Hanon — Troy Simmons

Simmons didn't act much after Little Giants, and seemingly lived a normal life in North Carolina. He did, however, rap on this song under the name "Hot Handz." The years have turned that "s" into a "z."

Junior Floyd — Devon Sawa

Every girl I went to school with had a crush on Devon Sawa. I think if they've kept up with him, they probably still would. Sawa, who also was in Casper as a child, has acted very consistently since Little Giants, appearing in films such as Final Destination and SLC Punk, and more recently as one of the stars of the CW's Nikita. No word on whether he can still throw toilet paper like a young Joe Montana.

Jake Berman — Todd Bosley

The little guy with the over-protective mother and that CGI snot bubble grew up to be pretty funny. He was memorable in a stint on Scrubs and recently did voices for a little video game called Mass Effect 3.

Spike Hammersmith — Sam Horrigan

Spike has learned to play with girls. The guy who played angry and crazy so well as a member of the Giants grew up to appear in movies and TV shows like Accepted and True Blood. Though perhaps he is best known for his season of the reality show Beauty and the Geek, where he was paired up with an awkward "geek" girl to compete in challenges.

Johnny Vennaro — Jon Paul Steuer

Jon Paul Steuer didn't just play the little kid on the Giants whose dad was never around — he also was known for his role on Grace Under Fire. But when Brett Butler reportedly showed the young Steuer the results of her boob job, he quit the show. Steuer stopped acting and eventually formed a glam-rock band called the Soda Pop Kids. At that point he changed his name to Jonny P Jewels. Being a child star is hard.

Timmy Moore — Christopher Walberg

Chris Walberg played the little kid who put a protective cup over his face in the movie, but more notably he was the voice of Stinky Peterson on Hey Arnold! He now plays synth in a band called H-Beam, and goes by Topher.

Marcus — Marcus Toji

The Giants' kicker went to high school at Beverly Hills High (the same school that counts Albert Brooks, Angelina Jolie, Nicolas Cage, Betty White, and many others among its alumni) before appearing in such beloved comedies as Party Down, Happy Endings and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Nubie — Mathew McCurley

It somehow seems fitting that the guy who played the mastermind of The Annexation Of Puerto Rico (aka the greatest football play in the history of the sport) went on to work in the video game industry. Mathew works in marketing at Riot Games.

Rudy Zolteck — Michael Zwiener

Matthew Zwiener only has a few credits to his name. He seems to have moved back to Illinois where he still lives. An old Myspace page of the actor indicates that he worked at both FedEx and Target when he was in school, though it's tough to tell what he's been up to recently. If you know, let us know.

Priscilla O'Shea — Alexa Vega

Arguably the cast's most successful member, Vega starred in the humongously successful Spy Kids franchise, and has been in a million movies (slight exaggeration) since her time as Kevin O'Shea's little girl.

Danny O'Shea — Rick Moranis

Rick Moranis is one of the greatest comic talents of the 20th century. He has retired from acting. This is a national tragedy. (International really, seeing as he's Canadian.) He now makes country music and writes occasional op-eds.

Kevin O'Shea — Ed O'Neill

You know what Ed O'Neill's doing. He's one of the stars of Modern Family. He'll probably win an Emmy this week.

Patty Floyd — Susanna Thompson

Danny's childhood crush (and Junior's mom) was most recently seen in an arc on Cold Case and on NBC's Kings, where she played an evil queen. She is in the new CW show Arrow debuting this fall.

Harold Butz — Joe Bays

The man who played Kevin O'Shea's second in command and all-around jackass (seriously — at one point he says he would drown the Little Giants; what the hell?!) Harold Butz is most famous for his turn in Office Space as Dom Portwood. He continues to work as a character actor to this day.

Tad Simpson — Danny Pritchett

I couldn't find out anything concrete about Danny. There's a mugshot of a guy who looks similar and would be about the right age in Florida (aggravated assault with a weapon), but there's no saying it's him or not. If you know what Danny is up to, share in the comments.