The Kobe Bryant GIF Timeline

Watch the NBA’s most controversial star grow before your very eyes.

1. 1996: Draft Night Kobe

2. 1996: Rookie Can Jump

3. 1997: Dunk Contest Win

4. 1997: Dunk Contest Celebration

5. 2000: Lakers Win! Kobe And Shaq, Happier Times

6. 2001: Dunk Of The Year

7. 2003: Kobe’s Accused Of Sexual Assault

8. 2004: Kobe Leaves Shaq Hanging In Their First Game Against Each Other

9. 2006: Kobe Scores 81 Points

10. 2008: Kobe Water Bottles Coach K

11. 2010: Chris Rock Can’t Break Kobe

12. 2012: Kobe Hides

All GIFs by BuzzFeed.

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