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The Best Highlight Of NBA Summer League

That may not be saying much, but damn is this play gorgeous.

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I'm so addicted to basketball that I want to be able to watch well played, beautiful basketball year round. But since that's pretty much impossible, I end up watching the NBA Summer League. The mix of young pros and guys desperately trying to make a roster typically leads to an ugly brand of the sport that hardly separates itself from your local pick up game.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this highlight from Memphis' Jeremy Pargo.

WHAT?! That's gorgeous. Sure it's against relative nobodies, but again this is summer league. We have to take what we can get. Let's break it down.


The Crossovers

Not one, but two Wizards defenders had to walk back down court with their heads hung in shame. Sure, that's not exactly new for the Wizards. In fact it's happened a lot over the last few years, but to have two sets of ankles so thoroughly broken is a bad look even for a team that has been defined by bad looks (*cough* JaVale McGee running the wrong way *cough* *cough Nick Young airballing a lay-up *cough*).

The Pass

This pass is wasted in Summer League. If this happened in February it would lead SportsCenter's Top 10. Of course Jeremy Pargo might not be playing much come February. This is a guy who averaged less than 3 points and 2 assists per game last season. And yes, this is Summer League where the boys from GESU Catholic Elementary might be able to give a team a game. But amidst the boring, awful nonsense that is the NBA's annual exhibition season in Vegas and Orlando, something spectacular happened. And that's worth applauding. Well done, Jeremy Pargo. Good luck keeping your job.


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