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The Funniest Quotes In Sports History

Intentional or not, these are the quotes that made people laugh.

1. Charles Barkley On Whether He Had Any Regrets About Throwing A Bar Patron Through A First-Floor Window

2. Steve Spurrier On A Fire At The Auburn Football Player's Dorm That Burned 20 Books

3. Ricky Henderson On A Report That 50% Of Baseball Players Use Steroids

4. Tug McGraw On Whether He Prefers Astroturf Or Grass

5. Shaq On Whether Or Not He Went To The Parthenon While In Greece

6. George Best On How He Spent His Money

7. Bob Ueker On The End Of His Career

8. Tom Treblehorn On The Chicago Cubs

9. Antoine Walker On Why He Takes So Many Threes

10. Metta World Peace On His Coach Mike Brown

11. Marv Levy On Whether A Game Was A Must Win

12. Yogi Berra On Baseball

13. Texas A&M Coach Shelby Metcalf On A Player Who Had A Report Card With Four "F's" And A "D"

14. Phil Rizzuto On Baseball Today

15. Greg Norman On His Family

16. Shaq On Money

17. Rocky Graziano On Education

18. Rich Donnelly On The Worst Team He Ever Managed

19. Vitas Gerulaitis On Beating Jimmy Connors After Losing 16 Straight Matches To Him

20. Joe Garagiola On His Playing Days

21. Martina Navratilova On Her Career

22. Serena Williams On Her Skills As A Fashion Designer

23. Kobe Bryant On Missing Three Free Throws At The End Of A Win In 2011