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The DOs And DON'Ts Of Euro 2012

Your ultimate guide to one of the biggest soccer tournaments in the world.

So you're thinking of going to the UEFA EURO 2012? Well make sure you...

DO: Get your photo taken next to this badass old lady.

DONT: Get your caricature drawn by the worst artist in Poland.

DO: Kiss in a fountain.

DON'T: Bathe in a fountain.

DO: Sing and dance with a knight.

DON'T: Dress up like the queen.

DO: Support your team with fake bullfights.

DON'T: Support your team with blackface.

Do: Dress up like a dinosaur.

DON'T: Paint your face like this guy.

DO: Have someone there to comfort you when your team loses.

DONT: Keep your silly outfit on when your team loses.

DO: Celebrate with flair.

DON'T: Celebrate with flares.

DO: Get married at the Euro.

DON'T: Make your new wife pretend to be a bull.

DO: Wear complicated hats.

DON'T: Be offended if your complicated hat raises suspicion.

DO: Have a group costume.

DON'T: Have your group costume be an obscure Danish comedian.

DO: Get there early.

DON'T: Get there so early you fall asleep.

DO: Have an insanely large flag that both impresses and intimidates everyone.

DON'T: Fight the police and your opponents in the street.

DO: Get caught wearing these awesome overalls.

DON'T: Get caught looking at someone creepily.

DO: Pray for your team's success.

DON'T: Have your face look like this guy's.