The Biggest Hipsters In Sports

They play these things called “sports.” You’ve probably never heard of them.

1. James Harden — Oklahoma City Thunder

James has another beard under that one. But you have to know somebody to see it.

2. Russell Westbrook — Oklahoma City Thunder

Russell technically plays point guard, but he really feels like we’ve moved “beyond positions, man.”

3. Nick Fairley — Detroit Lions

Nick is really excited about Detroit. It’s where all the real artists are these days.

4. Baron Davis — New York Knicks

Baron Davis plays for the Knicks, but his heart is with his pick up team that only plays games early in the morning at abandoned schools.

5. Kevin Durant — Oklahoma City Thunder

Kevin always wears a backpack so he can carry around his favorite Times New Viking LPs.

6. Rajon Rondo — Boston Celtics

Rajon is disappointed by the lack of bike paths in Boston.

7. Von Miller — Denver Broncos

Von was sick of Tim Tebow way before you were.

8. Joe Maddon — Tampa Bay Rays

He coaches this great team. You’ve probably never heard of them*.

*If you live in Tampa.

9. Amare Stoudemire — New York Knicks

Amare hates how mainstream having two working knees is.

10. Serena Williams — Tennis

Serena’s gotten really into photography. No she doesn’t have a real camera, but her Instagram photos are stunning.

11. David Beckham — Los Angeles Galaxy

He’s married to a Spice Girl ironically.

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