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The Best Fan-Created New Orleans Pelicans Logo

Last week we brought you our favorite fan-created logos for the NBA's newly christened New Orleans Pelicans. Well now there's a winner.

Posted on, a community-based design website, held a contest for users to try to design a logo for the NBA's newly renamed New Orleans Pelicans. It inspired some really wonderful designs.


99designs has just announced the winner of the contest (which comes with a $500 prize), and it's a cool one that was submitted after we put our favorites together. Are you ready?

I for one really love it. It looks like an NBA logo. It makes Pelicans look badass, which is something of an achievement. I even love the choice of color scheme even if it is a little reminiscent of the Gilbert Arenas-era Wizards. It's not those colors' fault that Gil brought guns into the locker room. Anthony Davis would never allow such shenanigans.

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