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The Best Dunks Of The 2013 NBA Dunk Contest

It was a weird contest. A kid almost died.

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The highlight of the first round was Gerald Green's first dunk.

Unfortunately the rest of the first round was marked by missed and lame dunks.

The second and final round was a showdown between Jeremy Evans and Terrence Ross. First Jeremy Evans dunked over a painting he painted of himself dunking over a painting (presumably that he painted of himself, etc...).


Then Terrence Ross paid tribute to Vince Carter.

Jeremy Evans finished his last attempt with a cool, floaty style.

But he couldn't match Terrence Ross's decision to almost kill a child with his knee. Ross won the contest. At least officially.

Unofficially Kobe Bryant's reaction lost the reaction contest to...

Disappointed Dikeme Mutombo.

You win, Dikembe. You win.