The Best Athletes On Twitter

POWER RANKINGS! As always, these rankings are crafted by the finest list artisans in all the land. That’s how you know they’re good.

1. JaVale McGee: @JaValeMcGee34

Sample Tweet: “I’m dj’ing parties for the off season hit me up”


2. Logan Morrison: @LoMoMarlins

Sarah Glenn / Getty Images

Sample Tweet: “Does Green beer = Green pee? Only one way to find out… #stpatricksday”


3. Tony Allen: @aa000G9

Sample Tweet:”Jamming beats!! That I borrowed temporally from. My coach,, but either its a shortage in the headphones!! Or somen worng”


4. Chris Kluwe: @ChrisWarcraft

Sample Tweet: “To everyone who thinks the source was a ‘snitch’ and a bad person - fuck you. Fuck you and your glorification of criminality.”


5. John Axford: @JohnAxford

Sample Tweet: “When I said I wanted to look like a magician this year, what I should have said (according to my sister), is EVIL MAGICIAN!”


6. Martell Webster: @MartellWebster

Sample Tweet: “my wife @mrswebster5 should have her own letter in the alphabet. And yes it should be a vowel. She is that awesome!”


7. Arian Foster: @ArianFoster

Sample Tweet: “And apperantly I spelled apperantly wrong. Apparently.”


8. Serena Williams: @SerenaWilliams

Sample Tweet: “Dear Pimple and family- I really don’t like you. I’d appreciate it if u stayed out of my life. Please leave my forehead I’d appreciate it.”


9. Chad Ochocinco: @ochocinco

Sample Tweet: “Wanna hear a clean joke? Johny was taking a bath with bubbles. Wanna hear a dirty joke? BubbIes was a man.”


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