The Absolute Worst Way To Handle Being Hacked

Courtesy of J.R. Smith, leading NBA goofball.

Earlier today NBA swingman and general nutjob J.R. Smith had trouble signing in to something with his Apple ID. He made sure he entered the right password, but it didn’t work. How did he handle this? Did he hit “forget password”? Did he call Apple support? Nope. Did he do the exact, worst, wrong thing to do in the world if you might have been hacked?

Here's a series of metaphorical pictures. J.R. is himself. The basket is a metaphor for doing the right thing in a potential hacking situation.

Mike Woodson and the guy in the tie represent every other person on earth.

And J.R.'s blissful lack of concern that he has airballed a free throw = his blissful lack of awareness that he has just given away all his money to Nigeria.

Good luck, J.R.

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