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The 90 Best Twitter Accounts Of 2011

The definitive list of this year's best Twitter accounts. If you're not following them, you should be.

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Dan Harmon

@DanHarmon is the crazy comic genius behing NBC's beloved sitcom, "Community." His Twitter account is so painfully honest (and sometimes insane) that it's every bit as engaging as the show he created.


Alan Sepinwall

@Sepinwall is the pride of He's the preeminent television critic in the United States and one half of the wonderful "Firewall and Iceberg" podcast. If you love TV, you will love Alan Sepinwall.

Studio 60's Matt Albie

@MattAlbie60 along with its counterpart who will also be featured on this list, is the strangest parody account Twitter has. Run by The Onion's head writer Seth Reiss, the account skewers the self-importance of the much-maligned Aaron Sorkin TV series "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip." This wouldn't be so weird or awesome if it wasn't for the fact that the show was canceled five years ago.

Studio 60's Danny Tripp

@DannyTripp60 is run by Jake Fogelnest and was started to improvise with the Matt Albie account. But Fogelnest and Reiss didn't know each other. Making this weird, long-running parody even stranger.


We Bought A Zoo

@WEBOUGHTAZ00 is one of the funniest parody accounts on Twitter (those are zeroes, not the letter "o"). Run by the hilarious Bobby Finger and Lindsay Weber the account lampoons one of the strangest-looking Hollywood movies in a long time. (I still love you Cameron Crowe.)

Bethlehem Shoals

@FreeDarko is the personal Twitter account for the founder of the now-defunct basketball website by the same name (it is missed). If there is a smarter, more thoughtful person talking about basketball online, I haven't found him.

Horse Ebooks

@Horse_ebooks is a Twitter bot that was made to promote some guy's ebooks about horses. To avoid detection, it will occasionally post snippets of text from those books. It almost never makes sense, but therein lies the beauty.

Opie Radio

@OpieRadio is radio host and all around funny dude Opie (of "Opie and Anthony" fame). His videos (called "Opie's Eye") are always an interesting behind the scenes look at radio and his life.

Topless Pulp Fiction

@ToplessPulp promotes the fact that it is legal in New York for women to be topless in public too. They do this by reading pulp novels topless. Besides being full of attractive photos, the feed does promote a good cause (gender equality).

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