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The 90 Best Twitter Accounts Of 2011

The definitive list of this year's best Twitter accounts. If you're not following them, you should be.

Megan Amram

@MeganAmram writes very dark, twisted hilarious jokes. She once got into a fight with Rosie O'Donnell.

Alec Sulkin

@thesulk is a writer for "Family Guy." His Twitter feed is better than the show, and I actually like the show.

Julianne Smolinski

@BoobsRadley is a blogger, writer, and generally hilarious person.

Stephen Colbert

@StephenAtHome is the Twitter home of your favorite fake political pundit.

The Onion

@TheOnion has had some rough moments this year, but for the most part it's a repository of fake headlines, which has always been the paper's strong suit.

Joshua Malina

@JoshMalina is best known for his roles on the television shows of Aaron Sorkin ("Sports Night" and "The West Wing"), but lately he's been spending his time being hilarious online.

Dan Harmon

@DanHarmon is the crazy comic genius behing NBC's beloved sitcom, "Community." His Twitter account is so painfully honest (and sometimes insane) that it's every bit as engaging as the show he created.

Alan Sepinwall

@Sepinwall is the pride of He's the preeminent television critic in the United States and one half of the wonderful "Firewall and Iceberg" podcast. If you love TV, you will love Alan Sepinwall.

Dan Fienberg

@HitFixDaniel is the other half of HitFix's "Firewall and Iceberg" podcast and is an awesome TV critic in his own right. He's like Alan Sepinwall, but with better jokes.

Studio 60's Matt Albie

@MattAlbie60 along with its counterpart who will also be featured on this list, is the strangest parody account Twitter has. Run by The Onion's head writer Seth Reiss, the account skewers the self-importance of the much-maligned Aaron Sorkin TV series "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip." This wouldn't be so weird or awesome if it wasn't for the fact that the show was canceled five years ago.

Studio 60's Danny Tripp

@DannyTripp60 is run by Jake Fogelnest and was started to improvise with the Matt Albie account. But Fogelnest and Reiss didn't know each other. Making this weird, long-running parody even stranger.

Bill Simmons

@SportsGuy33 is the Twitter Home of Grantland Editor-in-Chief and highly influential sports columnist/podcast host Bill Simmons.

Conan O'Brien

@ConanOBrien is the personal Twitter account of everyone's favorite talk show host.

Miguel Bloombito

@ElBloombito was inspired by Mayor Bloomberg's shaky (though successful) attempt to speak Spanish at a press conference.

Bronx Zoo Cobra

@BronxZoosCobra escaped from the Bronx Zoo earlier this year and took in the sights (and tweeted) all over New York City. He still tweets from captivity.

Buzz Bissinger

@BuzzBissinger is the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the best selling book "Friday Night Lights." Now he's a crazy (but funny) old man on the Internet.

Will Leitch

@WilliamFLeitch is the founder of Deadspin and current New York Magazine writer. He writes funny things about sports and movies.

Michael Schur

@KenTremendous is the Internet alter ego of "Parks And Recreation" Head Writer (and former "Fire Joe Morgan" blogger) Mike Schur.

Paul Feig

@PaulFeig was one of the creators of "Freaks and Geeks" and directed "Bridesmaids." He also wears suits.

Mindy Kaling

@MindyKaling is one of the funniest people on the planet. But you know that already, because you're not stupid.

Todd Barry

@ToddBarry is a very dry, very funny comic. Sometimes he participates in trending topics.

Depressed Darth

@DepressedDarth is Darth Vader, but with regrets.

Death Star PR

@DeathStarPR proves that everything can be spun.

Republican Dalek

@RepublicanDalek is a right-leaning Dalek from "Doctor Who." I'm pretty sure it's not canon.

Hector Salamanca

@H_Salamanca is the Twitter presence for the best wheelchair-bound, bell-ringing character in TV history.

Morgan Murphy

@Morgan_Murphy is an amazingly funny comic and used to write for "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon."

We Bought A Zoo

@WEBOUGHTAZ00 is one of the funniest parody accounts on Twitter (those are zeroes, not the letter "o"). Run by the hilarious Bobby Finger and Lindsay Weber the account lampoons one of the strangest-looking Hollywood movies in a long time. (I still love you Cameron Crowe.)

Amy Schumer

@AmySchumer is a comic. She loves dirty jokes.


@TheTweetOfGod is run by former "Daily Show" Head Writer David Javerbaum. He wrote a book as God as well.

Josiah Bartlet

@Pres_Bartlet is a pretty good approximation of what "The West Wing's" Josiah Bartlet would think about modern political issues.


@Newsweek is the rare "old media" Twitter account with some personality. We love them.

Roger Ebert

@EbertChicago is still the best film critic in the country as far as I'm concerned. And occasionally he goes into grumpy old man mode. How can you not like him?

Bethlehem Shoals

@FreeDarko is the personal Twitter account for the founder of the now-defunct basketball website by the same name (it is missed). If there is a smarter, more thoughtful person talking about basketball online, I haven't found him.


@Humblebrag is a retweet repository of all those bragging tweets disguised as humility. It's run by Harris Wittels who is a funny man in his own right.

College Humor

@CollegeHumor will take you to pretty much everything funny on the Internet. Who doesn't like funny?

Your Friend From HS

@FriendFromHS is a parody account of that one friend we all have. It's run by writer Travis Helwig.

Shit Girls Say

@ShitGirlsSay is a place to see all those things that girls totally say.

Aunt Diane

@YourAuntDiane makes jewelry and has kooky opinions on things.

Horse Ebooks

@Horse_ebooks is a Twitter bot that was made to promote some guy's ebooks about horses. To avoid detection, it will occasionally post snippets of text from those books. It almost never makes sense, but therein lies the beauty.

Alyssa Milano

@Alyssa_Milano is a reminder that our childhood crush grew up to be super cool.


@Shaq is the Godfather of Twitter.

Opie Radio

@OpieRadio is radio host and all around funny dude Opie (of "Opie and Anthony" fame). His videos (called "Opie's Eye") are always an interesting behind the scenes look at radio and his life.

Anthony Jeselnik

@AnthonyJeselnik may be the best joke writer of any comic working today. He's dark, but he's hysterical.

Animal Planet

@AnimalPlanet is your one-stop shop for all your animal needs. Cute photos? Got it. Surprising facts? Got it. Interesting animal-based conversation? Yep. That too.

Agent Smith

@TSAGov will make you laugh at how creepy the TSA can be. Let's hope the TSA agents don't actually think these things.

Drunk Hulk

@DrunkHulk is your favorite green superhero, intoxicated.

Lord Voldemort

@Lord_Voldemort7 has very serious opinions about things now that Harry has defeated him.

Esquire Mag

@EsquireMag is the rare, consistently funny magazine Twitter account.

Every Tweet Ever

@EveryTweet_Ever sums up the rest of Twitter so you can stop wasting your time reading.

The God Damn Batman

@God_Damn_Batman is sick of your shit.


@GOOD is a Twitter (for a website) that genuinely wants to make the world a better place. It's refreshing to see in a cynical world.

Garry Shandling

@GarryShandling is the Twitter account for legendary comedian and "Larry Sanders" star Garry Shandling. Turns out he's still hilarious.


@MTV is the hardest working media Twitter account around. They live-tweet almost every MTV show. So if you enjoy watching something on their network, you should follow them.

Topless Pulp Fiction

@ToplessPulp promotes the fact that it is legal in New York for women to be topless in public too. They do this by reading pulp novels topless. Besides being full of attractive photos, the feed does promote a good cause (gender equality).

Collegiate Times

@CollegiateTimes is the student newspaper of Virginia Tech that did a wonderful job of live tweeting reports from yesterday's tragedy, thus keeping people away from the incident.

The Daily Collegian

@DailyCollegian is the student newspaper at Penn State. Their coverage of the sex scandal there has been illuminating.

Neil Gaiman

@NeilHimself is the Twitter home of author Neil Gaiman. His feed is funny and insightful.

White Girl Problems

@WhiteGrlProblem is a feed of problems that seem to plague caucasian women.

Zach Braff

@ZachBraff is the star of "Scrubs" and "Garden State." He's a witty man.

Paul F. Tompkins

@PFTompkins is the former host of "Best Week Ever" and the current host of the Pod F. Tompkast.

Chelsea Peretti

@ChelseaVPeretti is one of the funniest stand up comics working today. Occasionally she goes into wolf mode. You should watch out for her in wolf mode.

Old Spice

@OldSpice is far and away the best brand-related Twitter account. It's not even close.

Aimee Mann

@AimeeMann is an amazing singer-songwriter, and also someone who struggles with canned tomatoes.

Allison Kilkenny

@AllisonKilkenny has been the go-to reporter about all things #Occupy related, and for good reason. She's awesome.

Sarah Silverman

@SarahKSilverman is just some random funny person, who definitely isn't one of the most famous comedians in the world.

My Awkward Tweets

@MyAwkwardTweets is a place to find tons of awkward moments that you relate to, and a whole bunch you can think about for the first time.


@OMGFacts is a Twitter feed full of facts whose aim is to make the reader say "Oh My God." They often succeed.

Braden Graeber

@HipsterMermaid is the origin of Hipster Little Mermaid. He's funny.

Jesus Christ

@Jesus_M_Christ is the drunkest, most vulgar version of Jesus that we've ever come across.

@RickyGervais created some TV shows or something.

SI Vault

@SI_Vault is the Sports Illustrated Archives Twitter account. It's full of amazing old photos that you didn't know existed. It's one of the coolest things online.


@Slate is the official Twitter for the website of the same name. Their writing is typically interesting and informative. Highly recommended.

Jerk Superman

@JerkSuperman is the oldest of our superheroes, only a huge asshole.

Mental Floss

@Mental_Floss is like OMG Facts with a slightly more intellectual bent.

Ashton Kutcher

@APlusK had a rough year on Twitter, but he's still more entertaining than any of the other top-tier Tweeters.

CNN Breaking News

@CNNBrk is one of the best, fastest, most reliable news sources on the planet.

Dave Jacoby

@Jacoby_ is a reality TV expert and all around funny guy. He writes for Grantland.

Chuck Klosterman

@CKlosterman is Twitter home of the polarizing author and music writer, Chuck Klosterman.

Ben Schwartz

@RejectedJokes had to be on this list, because he plays Jean-Ralphio on "Parks and Recreation." And there isn't a funnier character on TV.

Kelly Oxford

@KellyOxford is one of the funniest people on Twitter. Period.

Tim Seidell

@BadBanana is a funny guy who lives in the middle of the country and works in advertising. But again, he is really funny.

Charlie McDowell

@CharlieMcDowell writes "letters" to the girls who live above him (or "GAM" for short).

Neil Patrick Harris

@ActuallyNPH is the most charming man on the planet.

Patton Oswalt

@PattonOswalt is one of the greatest living comedians. He makes jokes. We all laugh.

Kanye West

@KanyeWest has to be on this list, because he's insane. We like insane.

Michael Ian Black

@MichaelIanBlack is that guy from "Ed" and all those "I Love The..." shows. Or if you are awesome, he's one of the guys from "The State" and "Stella." He's still hilarious.

Fake Grantland

@FakeGrantland features rejected pitches for Grantland.

Joe Mande

Albert Brooks

@AlbertBrooks is Albert Brooks. You know who Albert Brooks is. If you don't, BuzzFeed doesn't like you.

Rob Delaney

@RobDelaney is the single funniest person on Twitter. He is a tweet diety. A tweity.

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