The 33 Best GIFs Of The London Olympics

The best/funniest/weirdest moments from London in nice, little, animated packages.

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1. Liu Xiang Hops To Finish His Race And Kisses The Final Hurdle

China's Liu Xiang had won gold in the 110m hurdles in Athens, but since then had fought Achilles issues. At the first hurdle in London, he crashed and fell to the ground gripping the back of his foot. He began to hop off the track and down the tunnel before stopping, and turning back. He hopped the rest of the race, stopping only to kiss the final hurdle.

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2. Shin A Lam Stands Defiant After Being Screwed Out Of A Chance For Gold

When a controversial ruling cost Korea's Shin A Lam a chance at gold in the women's individual épée fencing, she refused to leave the floor as that would be taken as a sign she accepted the ruling. So she filed an appeal and stayed on the piste for 45 minutes. When a judge came to tell her that her appeal had been denied, rather than go with him, she climbed back onto the platform and stood, defiant.

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