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The 25 Faces Fans Make Right Before Being Hit With A Foul Ball

And a few fly-away bats for good measure.

1. The "I Really Wish I Would Have Stopped Clapping" Face

2. The Dual "My Precioussss" Face

3. The "I'm Drunk, Fuck You" Face

4. The "This Is About To Hurt" Face

5. The "Get Out Of Here, Mr. Bat. We Don't Want You" Face

6. The "Please Don't Hit Me In The Face" Face

7. The "That Guy Might Get Hit In The Face" Face

8. The "That's Not The Correct Technique!" Face

9. The "I'm Too Badass To Flinch" Face

10. The "I Want It So Bad I Can Taste It" Face

11. The "I'm Too High For This" Face

12. The "I Don't Even Want It" Face

13. The "These Guys Will Totally Make Fun Of Me If I Drop This, So I Better Not Drop This" Face

14. The "Oh The Humanity" Face

15. The "I'm Pretty Sure This Isn't The Right Piece Of Equipment" Face

16. The Dual "Awwww Sheeeeeit" Face

17. The "I Don't Think I Got It" Face

18. The "Do I Look Tough At Least?" Face

19. The "Standing Up Was A Mistake" Face

20. The "It's Too Late Now" Face

21. The "Pfft. I Got This" Face

22. The "Comically Long Scream From A Bad Horror Movie Or 'Austin Powers'" Face

23. The "Hold Yourself And It'll Be Over Soon" Face

24. The "Wha-Wha-WHOA" Face

25. The "I'm Going To Have To Disappear Now" Face