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The 19 Stoner Faces Of Michael Phelps

He's the greatest Olympian of all time and a poster boy for functional pot-smokers everywhere. Sometimes he makes funny faces.

1. The "What's a rampart? And is it gallantly streaming, or is it something else that gallantly streams?" Face

2. The "Dude, I'm just resting my eyes" Face

3. The "Is this noise annoying? GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH..." Face

4. The "Ryan's looking the wrong way. Oh my god, Ryan, you're hilarious" Face

5. The "Breaststroke. I totally just got that" Face

6. The "Why was I clapping?" Face

7. The "WHOA! The silver isn't any lighter. I really thought it would be lighter, but it totally feels like a gold. It just LOOKS silver" Face

8. The "Oh my god, it's my mom! Hey Mom!" Face

9. The "Heh, I bet from down there I look like a giant" Face

10. The "What if the blue I see isn't the same as... What was I saying?" Face

11. The "Did I mention my mom was here? That's her over there! Hi Mom!" Face

12. The "I wonder if Ryan will let me watch 'Howl's Moving Castle' when we get back to the village" Face

13. The "Wait, Kanye, why did she order a fish filet?!" Face

14. The "Whoa, 'In The Air Tonight' is really dark. Did Phil Collins witness a murder?" Face

15. The "A taco shell MADE OUT OF DORITOS?!" Face

16. The "But that's not how aristocrats behave, Ryan. Your jokes are crazy" Face

17. The "One foot up. One foot up. Time to put one foot up. This is the one-foot-up song" Face

18. The "And I said, 22 was enough for your mom! Just kidding. I didn't say that, but I totally should have" Face

19. The "Did I tell you guys my mom was here? Hi Mom! I'm so glad you're here" Face