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Posted on Dec 13, 2012

The 21 Funniest Athlete Tweets Of 2012

A distrusting baby, some mind-blowing facts, and general weirdness.

1. A baby didn't trust JaVale McGee.

2. The economy hit Kevin Love.

3. Logan Morrison pointed out the one thing MLB wunderkind Bryce Harper couldn't do.

4. JaVale got a pet.

This ended up being a "hoax" JaVale played on the media, but we'll never forget platypus #swag.

5. Tony Allen's mind was blown.

6. No really. Tony Allen's mind was blown.

7. Roy Hibbert did some reporting on Chris Mullins' ringtone.

8. Metta World Peace asked the big questions.

Note: This tweet was later deleted for some strange reason.

9. Deron Williams caught Coach K doing yoga.

10. Chris Kluwe got political.

11. Chad Johnson got real.

12. Lolo Jones developed some new track techniques.

13. LeBron James revealed that only one man knows how he feels.

14. Brandon McCarthy made the best of his serious medical situation.

A line drive hit McCarthy in the head in September.

15. Brett Anderson confused Manny Ramirez.

16. TJ Lang vented his replacement ref-induced frustration.

17. Kris Humphries made light of his Rajon Rondo-inflicted scratches.

18. Kameron Loe made a pretty solid Cubs joke.

19. Ricky Rubio learned a new word.

20. Stephen Jackson introduced a grateful nation to the phrase "he aint bout dis life."

Note: He later, probably wisely, deleted this tweet.

21. Arian Foster got deep.