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The 17 Coolest Fan-Created Logos For The New Orleans Pelicans

There were many doubters when it was announced the NBA's New Orleans Hornets were planning on changing their name to the Pelicans, but if these fan-created logos are any indication, it may end up being pretty cool.

The New Orleans Hornets have announced that they will likely be changing their name to the New Orleans Pelicans. Originally that decision was met with doubts and scoffs, but that was before anyone saw what a designer could do with the concept. Enter, a community-based design website that is currently holding a contest for its users to try to create a logo to fit the team's new name. So after you check out some of my favorite designs, you should go over to 99designs and vote. Now on to my favorites.

1. The "Cool Guy" Pelican

2. The "Awesome Color Scheme, Hyper-Realistic" Pelican

3. The "Way Classier Than Pelicans Have Ever Been" Pelican

4. The "My Trumpet Says Pelicans, What Does Your Trumpet Do?" Pelican

5. The "That Scary Red Eye Is Making Me Nervous" Pelican

6. The "A Scary Red Eye Isn't Half As Scary As Satan's Joker" Pelican

7. The "My Basketball Has Trumpet Buttons" Pelican

8. The "Globetrotter" Pelican

9. The "United Colors Of Peliccon" Pelican

10. The "It's New Orleans, So Our Birds Dance" Pelican

11. The "I Just Stole This Ball, No I Don't Mean In The Defensive Basketball Play Sense" Pelican

12. The "I Ate A Basketball, And Now My Mouth Is Messed Up, So Don't Eat Basketballs" Pelican

13. The "Call Of Duty" Pelican

14. The "I'm Just Chilling In Front Of This Basketball, What's Up With You?" Pelican

15. The "Mardi Gras" Pelican

16. The "I'm Judging You For Not Watching 'Treme'" Pelican

17. The "I'm Not Sure Where My Neck's Coming From Either" Pelican

H/T Dan Fogarty at SportsGrid.