The 16 Greatest Skeptical Katie Couric Faces From Her Manti Te’o Interview

Katie’s face doesn’t take crap from anybody.

1. The "You talked for how many hours?" face

2. The "So you never met her?" face

3. The "You do realize that none of this makes sense, right?" face

4. The "Tell me the truth. All I want is the truth. I'll slap you to get it if I have to" face

5. The "I mean, your best-case scenario in all this, is that we all believe you're the dumbest person alive. You get that?" face

6. The "Seriously. Are you gay? Just tell us if you're gay. We'll be cool" face

7. The "But you did lie in early December" face

8. The "Even hearing this story is making me stupid" face

9. The "You never thought her story about a car accident and then a coma and then leukemia seemed a little fishy?" face

10. The "Pretty bad. This story is pretty bad" face

11. The "Explain this to me in a way where it makes sense that you wouldn't want a real girlfriend who you could actually, like, kiss" face

12. The "What has my life become?" face

13. The "You're making me miss the Today show. I didn't know that was possible" face

14. The "I used to do journalism" face

15. The "Do you know I almost single-handedly brought down a vice presidential candidate and now I'm doing this?" face

16. The "I wonder if it's too late to go to, like, CNN or that Al Gorezeera thing" face

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