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The 15 Types Of People Pro Sports Accepted Before Gay Athletes

As brilliantly stated by Jon Stewart.

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Upon the news of Jason Collins coming out and receiving such a warm reaction from his peers, Jon Stewart took to his show to point out the types of people who were accepted by the sports world BEFORE gay people:

1. Adulterers

Read about Tiger Woods here.

2. Wife Swappers

Read about Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich here.

3. Gamblers

Read about Jaromír Jágr here.

4. Cheaters

Read about Jason Giambi here.

5. Rapists

Read about Mike Tyson here.

6. Racists

Read about Ty Cobb here.

7. Slaughterers Of Man

Read about Cesar Cedeno here.

8. Spouse Abusers

Read about Ron Artest here.

9. Drug Abusers

Read about Darryl Strawberry here.

10. Alcoholics

Read about Babe Ruth here.

11. People Who Abuse Family Members

Read about Michael Pittman here.

12. Animal Abusers

Read about Michael Vick here.

13. Boss Chokers

Read about Latrell Sprewell here.

14. People Who Text Their Dick To Co-Workers

Read about Brett Favre here.

And finally...

15. A Guy Who Threw Lit Firecrackers Into A Crowd Of Children

Read about Vince Coleman here.

Watch the video of the entire great segment here.