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    The 13 Faces Of A Tiger Woods Collapse

    The golfer formerly known as "the greatest in the world" went into this weekend looking like he might finally make a run at his first post-scandal Major. Instead he collapsed under the pressure of a US Open weekend.

    1. The "I Used To Be Tiger Woods, What Happened To Me" Face

    2. The "Maybe If I Look At The Green Hard Enough, I'll Remember How To Putt" Face

    3. The "Oh Fuck, That's Not Right" Face

    4. The "Elin Must Be Loving This" Face

    5. The "Wet Farts Are Better Than That Shot" Face

    6. The "Why Did I Let That Wizard Put A Curse On Me" Face

    7. The "No Seriously, This Curse Really Sucks" Face

    8. The "Is It Too Late To Pick Up Another Sport" Face

    9. The "I'm Going To Break My Own Car Window With This" Face

    10. The "I Just Collided With A Photographer Because I'm So Angry I Can't Pay Attention" Face

    11. The "This Is What Superman Wearing A Kryptonite-Shirt Must Feel Like" Face

    12. The "If Either One Of These Guys Talks To Me, I'll Punch Their Teeth In" Face

    13. The "2012 Tiger Default" Face