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    The 10 Funniest Moments From The NBA Draft

    It was a weird night. It was a funny night. These are the highlights.

    1. This Kid's Reaction To The Nets Picking Ilkan Karaman In The Second Round

    2. David Stern Being Booed, Turning Into A WWE Villain

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    3. Jared Sullinger Has Bulging What?!

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    4. Metta World Peace's Draft Day Twitter Coverage

    5. Miles Plumlee Getting Picked In The First Round

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    If only because it gave us the three doucheketeers.

    6. The Most Badass Utah Jazz Fan In History

    Sure he's only like 11 years old. So what?

    7. Jay Bilas Acknowledges The "Wingspan" Drinking Game

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    For as long as Jay Bilas has been doing the NBA Draft, fans have employed the "wingspan" drinking game. One drink for every time the analyst uses his favorite attribute for prospects to have.

    8. ESPN Reminds Tyler Zeller That His Brother Luke Is The Cooper Manning Of The Family (OR ESPN Pretends That The D-League Is An Impressive Thing)

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    Tyler and Cody are totally going to make fun of Luke about this while the three of them get together to eat mayonaise sandwiches and watch Frasier reruns.

    9. We Discovered That This Skip Bayless Shirt Exists

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    10. Roy Williams Was The Cockiest Asshole There


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