The 10 Best Moments From The Original Star Trek Series

45 years ago tonight, the original Star Trek series premiered on NBC. I grew up as a huge fan of the series so it is quite literally an honor to put together this list of its best moments.

1. The Famous Opening Scene

Who doesn’t remember where they were the first time they saw the beginning of Star Trek.

2. The Best Duel Ever

So much emotion. It gets me every time.

3. He's Your Father!

Man my friend ruined this for me before I saw it. So frustrating. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t watch the show as it airs.

4. The Best Comeback Ever

He was always the smoothest operator in the galaxy.

5. The Celebration Of Endor

Self-explanatory. Everyone loves Ewoks.

6. Han Shot First

Everyone who knows Star Trek, knows Han was the badass scoundrel everyone wanted to be. And part of that was that he shot first.

7. Yoda Teaches Luke Skywalker About The Force

There’s a lot of wisdom in this scene.

8. Even Best Friends Fight

I’d be ornery too if I was stranded under the hot suns of Tatooine.

9. Slave Leia Is A Hottie

She single handedly started my puberty.

10. Darth Vader Standing Up For His Son

When I was a kid, I couldn’t believe he defended Luke. A classic Trek moment.

Make sure to add your own favorites in the comments!

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