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    Someone Who Knows Nothing About Football Previews The Super Bowl

    Everyone else is trying to give you so called "informed" analysis of the Super Bowl. BuzzFeed's different. You know how the person at your office who picks their March Madness bracket based on the uniforms always wins? Ashley Baccam is that person, only for football.

    This is BuzzFeed's Own Ashley Baccam

    She Knows A Lot About:

    •Harry Potter

    •Nyan Cat

    •The Phantom Of The Opera

    •Lolita Dresses

    She Knows Nothing About:


    •Nuclear Physics

    But we're not here to talk about science...

    The play Ashley is talking about.

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    Weigh in on their stakes here.

    Art by Sly.

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    Eli Manning definitely not posing for Vogue.

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    Real artwork by Sly. This artwork destroyed by JP Moore.