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    Some Idiot Paid $1500 For A Sketch Of A Football Stadium Done By The NFL's Newest Star

    Andrew Luck did major in architecture at Stanford, but I have a feeling he was more focused on the whole going to the NFL thing.

    So apparently someone believes that a doodle and autograph from Andrew Luck is worth $1,500. Of course Andrew Luck hasn't taken a single pro snap that counted. And the track record for QBs picked first overall isn't stellar (how would you like a Tim Couch doodle of Cleveland Browns Stadium?). But according to ESPN's Darren Rovell someone chose to ignore all that and shell out a bunch of money on eBay for what may in a few years be an expensive piece of toilet paper.

    I mean what's the best case scenario here? Let's say for a second Andrew Luck is the next Tom Brady. Would you even pay $1500 for this if Tom Brady drew it?

    If you would, you're an asshole who has too much money.