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    Sex.Com Wants To Pay Rob Gronkowski $3.75 Million To Film A Porn Scene

    At least the Patriots star probably won't get hurt doing this. Probably. I mean, unless he hurts his penis. From the sexing.

    This is It's basically Pinterest for porn. And by basically, I mean it is. Exactly.

    This is Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patiots. has offered Gronk $3.75 million (his 2014 NFL salary) to film a scene with porn star and friend of Gronk Britney MacLin (AKA Bibi Jones).

    Gronk and MacLin/Jones have a bit of a history. By which I mean this once happened.

    They sure do look like close friends, don't they? also stipulates that Gronk can wait until his forearm heals to participate. Which is pretty thoughtful of them.

    I'm always tempted to ignore press releases like these, but for some reason... I don't know... I feel like I could see Gronk doing this. I just can't put my finger on why...

    Nope. No reason in particular...