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Reporter Gets Hit With A Second Surprise Gatorade Bath In A Week

It has not been Julie Alexandria's week.

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Earlier this week, MASN's Julie Alexandria got caught up in the gatorade crossfire while interviewing Gio Gonzalez.

On Monday night, she interviewed Jordan Zimmerman. It was going well until...

Uh oh...

She doesn't know it's coming yet.

Ah Zimmerman sees it coming here, but Alexandria doesn't.

AS soon as he starts to move, she starts to figure out what's happening.

But it's too late.


It was unclear at first if she took it in stride the way she did the first time...

But at the end she was a good sport about it.

I think the Nationals might have a crush on her. This is like watching that kid pull on the girl's pigtails in third grade.

Watch the video here:

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