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    Soccer Ref Runs Away From An Angry Mob

    There were armed guards there! They did nothing.

    It started when Al-Nahda's Youssef Omar threw the ball at another player.

    Which led to an argument.

    Which led to the ref giving him a yellow card.

    Which led to Omar losing his mind and attacking the ref.

    Luckily the ref got away. All is well. It's over, right?

    Nope. Cue a team official chasing the ref.

    But whew. This is over NOW, right?


    And then Omar got really dramatic.

    Now? Now is it over?

    No, but this ref is fast. How has he out-run a bunch of actual athletes?

    Oh nevermind. Ouch.

    But he escapes! I love this guy.

    Thanks for the great show, you tremendous ref.

    Thanks for nothing, guards with guns.

    Watch the full video here: