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Peyton Manning Has Been Immortalized In Corn

That's when you know you've really made it.

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There are many ways to show your love for a player. You can buy his jersey. You can go to the game and cheer loudly. You can re-enact the plot of the Robert DeNiro-Wesley Snipes classic The Fan, and kidnap his son (BuzzFeed does not recommend this option). Or if you're an anti-social weirdo, you can listen to that voice you hear when you're working in the fields and you can turn your corn crops into a giant maze in the shape of said player.

Someone in Greeley, Colorado went with the last option to show his or her (but let's be real, his) total devotion to one Peyton Williams Manning. It's a pretty impressive feat of crop carving (is that a thing?), and just like in real life, Peyton's neck has been hit so often it's basically non-existent.

I bet the other farmers at the local farm store totally gave him a hard time for this one. (If you can't tell, I totally understand how farming works.)

H/T Busted Coverage.

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