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Paul Ryan Visited Browns Practice, Mistook Colt McCoy For Brandon Weeden

This is why politicians shouldn't pretend to know sports unless they're positive they know what they're talking about.

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Mark Duncan / AP

Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan was visiting Cleveland Browns practice today (nothing like associating with winners!) when, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, he decided to praise quarterback Brandon Weeden, "whom he recalled watching play for Oklahoma State." Of course while saying this Paul Ryan was pointing at Colt McCoy.

Associated Press / AP
Associated Press / AP
Associated Press / AP
Associated Press / AP

Paul Ryan defended the gaffe, saying to Weeden, "You always had your helmet on." Meanwhile Colt McCoy said, through tears, "Pft. Whatever man. Texas would of smoked Oklahoma State. My horns? Oooo boy. My horns were not to be trifled... Hey where you going? I'm not done talking."*

But it's okay. Paul Ryan's right. Weeden does typically wear a helmet. Paul Ryan was just confused. Paul Ryan knows about Brandon Weeden. Come on guys, this is just a one-time mistake...

Oh wait...

*Colt McCoy never said that.

H/T Cleveland Plain Dealer.