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Paul Ryan Time Calculator: How Fast Would The Republican VP Candidate Say You Are?

Mitt Romney's running mate stretched the truth regarding his marathon time. Now he'll do the same for you! See how fast Paul Ryan would say you are.

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Enjoy running? Wish you were faster? Well good news is here! Some ingenious person created a website that lets you enter your running times and gives you a faster time using the same significant adjustment employed by Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan when discussing his marathon time. Ryan claimed to had run the 26-plus mile run in just under three hours. In reality he ran it in just over four. That's a pretty big discrepancy, so get ready to see your times sped up to near world record times.

Speaking of world record times. I wonder how much faster some of them would be using this calculator. If only someone had the free time to do it...

Paul Ryan Speeds Up World Record Holders!