• Wheeler - Aaron Paul

    Wheeler - Aaron Paul

    One of the best actors on TV. It’s only a matter of time before he goes to the movies.

  • Linka - Eloise Mumford

    Linka - Eloise Mumford

    She was amazing on the short lived Lone Star. She deserves another shot to make it big.

  • Kwame - Tristan Wilds

    Kwame - Tristan Wilds

    Just pretend he was never on 90210. He’s still Michael from The Wire. He can do anything.

  • Gi - Ellen Wong

    Gi - Ellen Wong

    She was fantastic in Scott Pilgrim, she will be here too.

  • Ma-Ti - Dev Patel

    Ma-Ti - Dev Patel

    He’s too good to not work. We need to save him from Airbender purgatory.

  • Dr. Blight - Ellen Barkin

    Dr. Blight - Ellen Barkin

    I mean she’s perfect for it.
    (illustration courtesy of DeviantArt’s hellsama)

  • Sly Sludge - Timothy Spall

    Sly Sludge - Timothy Spall

    I think Timothy Spall was the inspiration for this drawing.

  • Captain Planet - Xan Spencer

    Captain Planet - Xan Spencer

    Just kidding.

  • Captain Planet - Billy Crudup

    Captain Planet - Billy Crudup

    One of my favorite actors in the world (“Yes on my better days, I’m Russell from Stillwater”) deserves another shot at being a CGI blue guy.